Why Partner With Us

GarageCo Provides a Wide Array of Benefits

Companies that partner with us gain the ability to share best practices, accelerate growth, enhance efficiency and work ON the business as opposed to always working IN the business. GarageCo offers its companies opportunities to:

  • Accelerate growth through digital marketing, strategic planning and added resources
  • Increase liquidity while the owner(s) benefit from the future upside of GarageCo
  • Enhance efficiency via combined scale and best practice sharing across partner brands
  • Mitigate risk against industry consolidation and other macroeconomic factors
  • Maintain culture and legacy of the local brand while providing growth opportunities for employees
  • Take advantage of training and development opportunities for management and field operations personnel

A Brief Word from GarageCo’s CEO

“We are thrilled to partner with PDQ, Apple Door and Cunningham. They have been leaders within the garage door industry for decades. We love their family-oriented cultures, customer-centric approach and shared vision for growth.”

Mars Shah
CEO of GarageCo

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To learn more about our partner companies powered by GarageCo, feel free to check out their websites by clicking on their logos: